Senior .Net Developer


I’m Amin Amiri Darban

Full-Stack ( Web & .Net ) Development Team Lead


Development Team Technical Lead

MazMaz Food Industerials(2019-2023)
full stack
  • Currently, I'm implementing a new Framework, base on Dotnet Core(.net core) Technology, to producing CrossPlatform & CrossBrowser applications in a bit of time. The objective of this project is to generate high-volume, high-speed, centralized, data-driven applications in the Fastest way..! In the other hands i did=>
  • Implementing new Development Framework for MazMaz Softwares uses dotNet Core Technology.
  • Design & Developing MazMaz Retail Market Audit Application & Native Android/IOS App.
  • Improving MazMaz old Automation Systems.
  • Producing MazMaz first OnlineShop Website & Portal.
  • Creating MetaData Middleware.
  • Developing MazMaz Organization Operation Reports Application.
  • Design & Developing MazMaz ChequeWard Application.

Full-Stack .Net WPF Designer / Developer & Seo Advisor

Pars Processor Company(2018-2019)
  • Founded kiosk applications Framework for employer.
  • Scanned foreign markets and competitive products.
  • Provided ideas for new products based on market demand.
  • Developed Card Recharge Kiosk Application in WPF.
  • Designed & Developed Parking Kiosk Application in WPF.
  • Analyzed, Designed and Developed Amusement Park Kiosk Application.
  • Market analysis and development of competitive products such as Self Order Kiosks.
  • Affected to updating Company Information, and Team Foundation for other developer members.

Full-Stack Web Application Developer

Varjevand Meta-analyst & Software Engineering Company (2017-2018)
app development
  • Implemented native web components such as Excel gridview in JavaScript & JQuery.
  • Developed Form builder & Report builder.
  • Contributed in Analyze and develop office automation product.
  • Educated and trained, existing programmer members of company to become a web developer.

Senior Web Developer

Kaspid (Caspian IT & ITC Company)(2015-2016)
web design
  • Developed and distributed dozens of websites such as Client Online Clubs, Portals, Online Shops and etc.
  • Distributed Development Api of Form Builder.
  • Analyzed customer requests and Implemented personalization.
  • Provided a new SEO package based on research.

IT Expert & Software Developer

PIHO (Iran Petroleum Industry Health Organization)(2013-2015)
web design
  • Founded accommodation reservation portal for organizations personnel.
  • Analyzed, Designed and Developed Patient-turning application.
  • Developed Recording and Maintaining installations application.
  • Analyzed and Implemented Workflow Management System application.
  • Designed Organizational Flowchart.
  • Software support to other units

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