Senior .Net Architect


I’m Amin Amiri Darban

Full-Stack ( Web & .Net ) Development Team Lead

Hello! I'm Called Amin Amiri.

I strive to do the effective work to achieve goals as both a cross-functional team member and individual contributor, While I enhanced interpersonal experiences on working as full-stack Developer & Software Architecture. Always trying to be creative & use smart ways to done the jobs. I Accomplished experienced development technical lead, with a demonstrated history of working in Analyze, Design, Develop and Implementing maintainable Websites/Web Applications and Automation. Top Skilled & Expertise in Web Development, Integrated & Realtime Applicatins, •Net & •NetCore, JavaScript and JQuery, Ajax, JSON, React, Angular, Web API, Web Services and Microservices. Also experianced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Ui/Ux.

amin.amiri.darban@ [ gmail/hotmail ] .com
1983 Aug
+98-912-9587177 | +98-910-5885585 | +98-919-1002513
1th Floor, No.2, Zawar Alley, Mahiar Street, Jordan, Tehran, Iran
Latest Degree:
I've a Bachelor's degree, focused on Computer Software Engineering Technology
Amin Amiri Darban

My Services

I offer website, web application, app development and software services fit for any size of Industry, Company , Shop and even Persons. I can quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. With my services, Create your creative idea and make it Visible, Touchable and Feelable to every one in the world.

Web Application
Web & Windows Application

Include Industerial Applications, Automation Systems, Organization Internal Systems

WebSite, Online Store & SEO
WebSite, Online Store & SEO

WebSite & Online Shops


Digital product design with over 10 years of professional experience specializing in designing applications and websites UI/UX.

app development
Custom Software Applications Development

I Can create new Secure & Vip world for You and Your Partners

My Specialized Skills

I am a quick learner and specialize in multitude of skills required for Web Application Development, Product Design And Branding.

Web Applications, WebSites & Online Shop100%
Dominated & Experinced for over 12 years
Api, Web Services, MicroServices, Docker & Kubernetes100%
Dominated on Microservice(service based systems), RESTful Web-APIs & Soap Web Services
Software Engineering, Design Pattern, Techniques & Architecture85%
Expertise & Experienced In Repository pattern, Request-Response pattern, UnitOfWork, MVVM, MVC & MVP, SOLID & Clean architecture, Event-Driven Architecture, MicroServices, ApiGateWay Pattern, (DDD)Domain Driven Design, Event-Base architecture, Async/Await, RESTful APIs, IoC/SoC, Three Layer architecture, Multitier architecture, Code First, DBFirst

Technologies i work

.Net Core, .Net 6, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForm100%
Dominated version 3.5 - 6
C# & Visual Basic100%
Dominated version 3.0 - 10.0
WPF, WinForm & Console80%
Dominated version 3.0 - 5.0.6
Linq, Entity & Lambda Expressions100%
Dominated jQuery Ajax, XMLHttpRequest
Dominated jQuery Core - All 3.x, jQuery Mobile 1.4.5
Dominated ECMAScript 1 - ECMAScript 6(ES6)
Dominated CSS3, SASS, SCSS, LESS & W3.Css Version 4
Dominated version 2.0 - 4.0
Data exchange100%
Dominated JSON, XML and Experience Rss, Yaml
DataBase & Data Works65%
Dominated T-SQL, Stored Proc , Triggers , DDL, RDBMS, DBMS, and Experienced Replication and SSRS in MSSQL. Also Experianced in MongoDB, SqlLite
Familiar & Experienced in User Interface(UI) - User Experienced(UX) - Interaction Design(IxD) - Information Architecture(IA)
Docker Containerization & Kubernetes50%
IIS & Hosting Panels/Admin Panels85%
Experienced and Almost Dominated WebSitePanel, Hosting Controller, Plesk
Other Knowledge & AbilitiesEtc...

Multithreading & MultiTasking : Professionally Experienced in enterprise project.
C++ : Experienced version 03 - 11
ReactJS : Familiar
AngularJs : Experienced version 3.0 - 4.0
Delphi : Experienced version 7
Python : Experienced version 3.x.
Google : Familiar & Experienced with AdSense, AdWords, Express, Business Solutions, Web Accelerator, Trend.
SEO : Experienced Strategies, concept & usages.
Social Media : Professionally Experienced Strategies, concept & usages.